Why you should be a Kinsmen

•Make new and long lasting friends
•Develop skills that will benefit your life and your career
•Work with new friends on fun projects that help make Lethbridge a vibrant community
•Have the opportunity to travel and make contacts all over Canada

What are the Lethbridge Kinsmen?

Lethbridge Kinsmen are local group of men who are part of the national Kin Canada service organization. Kin Canada is comprised of different types of Service Clubs for individuals over the age of 18. In Lethbridge we have both Kinsmen and Kinette clubs in addition to K-40 which is a social club for past Kinsmen and Kinettes.

What is a Service Club?

A service club is a group of people who work under a common name for fellowship and the betterment of their community.

Our Mandate.

Our mandate is to “Serve the Community’s Greatest Need”. Which means that the fund raising we do goes back into the Lethbridge Community by either directly funding local organizations or by enhancing Lethbridge by building civic improvements and cultural events.

Whats coming up…

Fun Casinos
CF Walk

What to Expect as a New Member…

As a prospective new member you will be asked to attend three meetings which are the first Tuesday of every month starting at 6:30pm.
The business portion of each meetings usually last 1 hour and includes a meal. This is typically followed by a couple hours of fellowship and general discussion. These first few meetings provide a chance for you to get to know what the Kinsmen are about and how we operate.
At your 3rd meeting, you will be asked whether or not you are interested in joining the club and to give a short summary of why. Following this the Executive will vote upon accepting you in to the club. Upon a successful vote you will be presented with an application form for membership. Annual club dues will be prorated for your first year of membership assuming you participate in at least one fund raiser during the year.

Subsequent years dues will be $200.00 annually which helps pay for your meals and social events throughout the year. As a member you will not be expected to attend every meeting, but simply that you try to make as many as possible throughout the year. We understand that life is very busy and we only ask the you give of your time as your able and willing. Simply adding to the fellowship of a meeting is enough to merit membership.

For more information please contact:
Winter Coburn